Becoming a NHC hoof trimmer

Would you like to know more about how to become a NHC hoof trimmer? Then we are especially pleased about your interest. However, you should have some prerequisites for this training:

  • You have some experience in handling horses?
  • You want to get the horses sounder feet in the not so distant future?
  • Enjoy dealing with humans and their horses?
  • You consider horses (and other equidae) as integral beings that we respect and hold in high regard?
  • You know that learning never ends and are ready to be self-critical?
  • Your dream is becoming a commercial hoof trimmer
  • The well-being of the animal comes first - yet before your own profit.
  • You have physical stamina, perseverance and team skills, because our trainership is demanding.

The training lasts about 1.5 years and is wide-ranging. Almost all subjects around horses are dealt with, because healthy hooves are not only a question of good hoof care but ultimately affect all aspects of the life of the animals. After your apprenticeship you are not only fit in the handling of the hooves but also have a solid knowledge of horse keeping, nutrition, anatomy etc. The Barhuf-Institute is responsible for the training and is located in Hollfeld, Bavaria in the middle of idyllic Franconian Switzerland.

The Barhuf Institute has been successfully training NHC trimmers for years. The management of the institute is in the hands of Detlef Urban - supported by a number of other instructors in theory and practice. The institute consistently advocates the natural way of trimming hooves and shows again and again what is possible if you support nature instead of constantly getting in the way by human action.

The institute emphasises great value to the trusting cooperation of all parties involved, such as veterinarians, veterinary therapists, physiotherapists and osteopaths or horse dentists. After all, only all together we can achieve the best for the animal.


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