Appropriate horse keeping

Healthy hooves require healthy horses. This section is about what horse keepers and owners should know to keep their horses as healthy as possible. The guidline for sound horses can be found in nature. So is the living environment of feral horses where you can find the most healthy horses on our planet. In doing so the following aspects should be kept in view:

  1. Today there are no longer real wild horses as all feral horses without exception are domesticated horses that have run away or been set free. Regardless if talking about Mustangs in America, Camargue horses, Namibs in Africa or Brumbies in Australia or New Zealand.
  2. These feral horses are in big parts genetically identic with our domesticated horses, which means the findings drawn from them can be transferred nearly one-to-one to our kept horses.
  3. Free living or feral horses are (regrettably) not automatically healthy horses.
According to our perception the most advanced conept for horse keeping is the idea of "Paddock Trail". Read more about it here ...



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