Admittance as a member of the association

If you are a hoof practitioner and you feel bound to follow the thoughts and principles of Natural Hoofcare you'll be sincerely welcomed by us as a member.

The criteria for admittance according to the articles of the association are:

  1. You have been trained by the Barhuf-Institut and passed the examination or you are presently attending the training there .
  2. You can verify that you completed a training at another established educational institution.
  3. In this case you should be able to prove appropriate knowledge and skill related to NHC. This means:

    • 1 - 2 documented cases of treated horses
    • verification of theoretical knowledge in an expert discussion with 2 authorised examiners
  4. You run a fulltime or sideline business as a hoof practitioner.

If you meet the mentioned requirements we'll be pleased to receive your PDF  application for admission.. Please fill in the form completely and send it to the association's webmaster by eMail or mail.

You'll receive all further information and documents by return.

We are looking forward to your enquiry.

For your information here you'll find the following important documents:



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