Natural Hoof Care

healthy hoof

The bare hoof trim "Natural Hoof Care" has been developed by the american farrier Pete Ramey - at first in cooperation with Jamie Jackson and later on his own. This method is based on observing and studying feral Mustangs in America. He identified which criteria at the horses' hoof are important for a sound bare hoof movement and found a pretty successful way to rehabilitate diseased hoofs. NHC is a soft method that relies on the healing power of nature and tries to support it.

Natural Hoof Care is a gentle type of hoof trimming, as there are not done intense posture corrections and the hoof is not trimmed according to the supposed "ideal" shape. Also no imitation of a Mustang hoof will be created.

The trim is in line with the signals of the hoof - during each hoof trim it is checked individually how the hoof is changing and which kind of treatment it needs at this point. The widespread invasive trimming of the hoof (cutting the sole, trimming the frog unnaturally much) ist not applied. Also for difficult and sometimes as incurable identified hoof problems like e.g. founder (laminitis) and podotrochleosis the health effects are very positive with Natural Hoof Care.

The basic idea of the whole method is to let natural healing power be active and not to interfere with the natural processes of the body, especially the hoof, but to support them.

Natural Hoof Care is a gentle way to hoof recovery - certainly never on its own but accompanied by the right actions regarding husbandry and nutrition - our colleagues gladly give you advise, just contact us.



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