The trainers

All trainers are professional colleagues, all of whom have several years experience in their respective areas of expertise.

The theoretical and practical training team:

Detlev Urban

Head of the Barhuf Institute - active in the care of the hoof

Basic principles of hoof and horse, deepening of hoof and hoof processing, anatomy, gait assessment and lameness diagnostics, hoof diseases, X-ray diagnostics, practical training

Christiane Urban

Assistance to the Institute Management

Herbal Medicine
alternative healing methods

Bianca Schiffner

full-time hoof trimmer

Hoof shoes, practical training

Jörg Weber

full-time hoof trimmer

Business developement, hoof casting, practical training

Jan Beyer

full-time hoof trimmer

Practical training, examination committee

Stefan Seubert

full-time hoof trimmer

Practical training, examination committee

Barbara Scherm


Practical training, examination committee

Dr. med. vet. Andrea Pabst

Practising veterinarian with a focus on equine medicine.

academic medicine treatment methods.



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